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Saigon Top Tour Half Day

  • Half day historic Cu Chi Tunnels tour from Ho Chi Minh City with Saigon Top Tours, you will be discovered inside hundreds of meters of Cu Chi tunnels, master the history of Cu Chi tunnels, enjoy boiled cassava with roasted peanuts and if you want to try your hand to shoot Ak 47, M30, M16, M60. The top Cu Chi Tunnels Historical Tour explores the 200km-long tunnels that were dug during the Indochina War and the Vietnam War. You will be crawling into the small and narrow tunnels. Book tour with Saigon Top Tours to feel the outstanding history. 
    Best price $ 20.00
    Best price $ 24.00
  • With Saigon Top Tours, just a half day to visit Saigon City knowing all the architecture, culture, history, customs, daily activities and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Morning or afternoon tour program, pick you up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends. Book tour with Saigon Top Tours to enjoy a half day tour of Saigon city knowing all. Saigon City was founded in 1698 by Nguyen Huu Canh. From 1698 up to now, Saigon city has a history of more than 300 hundred years.
    Best price $ 22.00
    Best price $ 26.00
  • Dinner on Cruise, watching Water Puppet Show, "Cyclo" tricycle ride and Healthy Massage. Discovering Saigon city at night is very attractive and comfortable. Saigon Top Tours created this tour for you to enjoy and combine the arts, relax and explore Saigon city at night. The itineray starts picking you up at your hotel lobby at 16:30. Watch Water Puppet Show, Go Cyclo, have a Healthy Massage and then enjoy Dinner on Cruise. You can enjoy contemplating the city of Saigon at night on the Cruise. 
    Best price $ 60.00
    Best price $ 65.00
  • Katina Street - (16th Street - Katinat Street - Liberty Steet - Now Dong Khoi Street) -Top walking tour in downtown Saigon to know the deep history of a city with over 300 years from 1698 up to now. Over the years of history, the name of Saigon is still mentioned forever in the hearts of Vietnamese people. Top walking tour of Saigon city, along a familiar street with the oldest historical heritage in Ho Chi Minh city. With fascinating old stories such as "Miss Saigon by Claude - Michel Schinberg and Alain Boublil", "Good Morning Vietnam Movie - American actor Robin Williams", "The Quiet American by British author Graham Greene"...
    Best price $ 105.00
    Best price $ 116.00
  • Miss Saigon tour program or Miss Ho Chi Minh city for half a day tour with Saigon Top Tours is very attractive. Miss of Saigon food, the people of Saigon, Saigon attractive places, Saigon souvenirs, Saigon coffee, beer Saigon, Saigon motorcycle, Saigon motorbike horn, Saigon street vendors, street food and drink...especially the memories at Saigon and old stories like Miss Saigon story and normal life stories in Saigon city.
    Best price $ 45.00
    Best price $ 55.00
  • The half-day tour program takes pictures of Buu Long pagoda, captures the beautiful scenery of the city from the banks of the Saigon River, visits and takes pictures beautiful views of Thu Thiem ancient church and the tallest building in Vietnam. Pick you up at the hotel and take you back to the hotel after the tour is finished with beautiful photos. The vacation is wonderful and meaningful when you are free to roam and take pictures with beautiful spatial views with many memories. 
    Best price $ 31.00
    Best price $ 39.00
  • Good Morning Saigon is a special type of tour of Saigon Top Tours. Good Morning Saigon, you will experience a 3-wheeled cyclo along the beautiful and tranquil streets of the morning before busy traffic. Experience the cyclo tour with the main vehicle of Saigon 50 years ago. 4 hours of cyclo tour around Saigon city you can just sit and relax on a 3-wheeled cyclo, take pictures, and take in the beautiful views of Ho Chi Minh City under familiar, shady streets beautiful and poetic tamarind trees.
    Best price $ 49.00
    Best price $ 55.00
  • Saigon Religion Footprint Tour program is particularly attractive for the same but different. The same is to find filial piety and visit the same religions in Saigon and the religions of the same direction people go to the good, right, towards the truth and beauty. The difference is that each religion has its own unique character and way of worshiping. Saigon Religion Footprint Tour program is only 5 hours, you will join Saigon Top Tours to explore churches, temples and pagodas of different religions in Ho Chi Minh city.
    Best price $ 52.00
  • Saigon Zoo Tour - Saigon Botanical Garden Tour - Top special half-day tour to visit Saigon Historical Museum, Saigon Botanical Garden, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office. Just half a day on top tour with Saigon Top Tours to discover Saigon's historic values through attractions like the city's oldest botanical garden, learn about Vietnam's cultural history through Saigon's long history museum visit the beautiful Jade Emperor pagoda to burn incense to pray for good health, peace and happiness. 
    Best price $ 49.00
  • Tucked behind Ho Chi Minh City’s concrete jungle of high-rises, apartments, hotels, and commercial centers are the arteries and lifeblood of this frenetic metropolis — its network of alleys and lanes that each in its own way is a fascinating tableau of life behind the scenes of modern Saigon. Join Saigon Top Tours to explore the unique alleys of Saigon city. Explore daily activities in the small alleys of Saigon to understand the daily life of local people.
    Best price $ 26.00
  •  Let's join Saigon Top Tours to explore the small alleys behind the modernity. You will be amazed with an attractive half-day tour to explore Ho Chi Minh City with small, narrow alleys and popular activities of the city people. Behind the modernity of Saigon city like many high-rise buildings, apartments, hotels, high-rise commercial centers everywhere. So where do you want to explore the long-standing traditional features of the city people behind the modernity.
    Best price $ 43.00
  • Half a day explore the historic Cu Chi tunnels by speedboat. Along the Saigon River with clear blue water, poetic and natural beauty, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze is wonderful. Cu Chi Tunnels are located in the northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and about 65 km from the city. Cu Chi Tunnels are underground tunnels with a length of about 250km with 3 different levels. The first tunnel was dug during the Indochina War in 1948.
    Best price $ 0.00
  • Saigon City Art Tour - Art through all times, ancient art, classical art and contemporary art. The half-day art tour will bring you into the art world in a general way through classical Vietnamese architecture, classical French architecture and lacquer painting and painting art Vietnamese oil painting. Art is infinite in definition because it is the product of the creative human mind created to express ideas about people, landscapes and the world around them. Cultural art, architecture of Saigon city in particular and Vietnam in general as well as French architectural art in Vietnam will bring you an unforgettable, meaningful and fascinating tour.
    Best price $ 38.00
  • Join us to experience Saigon's night food with an attractive tour program that leaves hidden footmarks of a wonderful Saigon night. Just 4 hours, join our real culinary experts and walk along the alleys and street corners that will be very surprised with the popular but delicious local food. Top Footprint Tours around the alleyways of Saigon at night - Saigon Top Tours will bring you special marks with footprints along Saigon alley from traditional to modern and from modern to authentic traditional daily life of the local people. 
    Best price $ 45.00
    Best price $ 53.00
  • Water Puppet Shows in Ho Chi Minh City The Vietnamese art of water puppetry originated in the Red River Delta of North Vietnam around the 11th century when villagers put on shows after the rice paddies flooded. Today, the tradition is on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.
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  • Tan Son Nhat Saigon Airport Pick-up Hotel Transfer Services - Airport, hotel, train station pick-up transfer service of Saigon Top Tours is reliable, high quality and the most reasonable price. With new luxury transports such as 7-seater, 9-seater, 16-seater, 29-seater...with air-conditioning, clean, comfortable and covenient mineral water bottles and cold towels. The team of active, friendly and professional tour guides of Saigon Top Tours will serve you. You no longer have to worry about crowded places at the airport. You don't have to worry about being in a foreign land when you arrive in a new country.
    Best price $ 42.00



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