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Mekong Delta Top Tour Full Day

  • Best Mekong Delta Cruise and Vinh Trang Ancient pagoda since 1849 tour - Only one day Mekong Delta tour with Saigon Top Tours you will enjoy an unforgettable day tour. Visit Vinh Trang ancient pagoda, built 1849 with tower and many beautiful Buddha statues, take a boat on the Mekong river to visit small islands to explore the cultural life and customs of the people in the countryside. horse backcarriage, rowing boat, beekeeping garden and taste the honey tea, tropical fruit garden and enjoy rural food lunch then back to Saigon city. Pick up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends.

    Best price $ 33.00
    Best price $ 39.00
  • Just one day group tour with Saigon Top Tours, you will be able to visit the 250km long Cu Chi tunnel system with three levels dug by VC since 1948. Learn about Vietnam's history, get into the tunnels to see the meeting rooms, hospital, kitchen and ventilation system… enjoy boiled tapioca, especially shooting AK47; M16; M60….
    Then have lunch at a local restaurant and continue to explore the Mekong River, take a boat to visit dragon islands, phoenix island, turtle island and unicorn island. Watch coconut candy making, drink honey tea, listen to don ca tai tu music, drink fresh coconut water and take a rowing boat ride along the beautiful narrow canal.
    The one-day program costs only 65 USD person including entrance ticket, boat, lunch, coconut water, mineral water and pick you up at the hotel and take you back after the end of the tour.
    Best price $ 65.00
    Best price $ 68.00
  • Saigon Departure daily popular private tour and group tour - One-day tour combining top-notch to discover the history of Cu Chi tunnels with a length of 250 km and boat trip to explore the Mekong river to learn about life and enjoy local food at local restaurant with Saigon Top Tours. Let's join the tour program with Saigon Top Tours to make unforgettable moments when coming to Vietnam.
    BEST DAILY GROUP TOUR lick here to book with us
    Best price $ 65.00
    Best price $ 70.00
  • Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh city one day tour to explore the Mekong River, experience rural life and learn about the special features and outstanding culture of Ho Chi Minh City with Saigon Top Tours. The tour itinerary combines a day with two outstanding attractions. Morning visit to the countryside of Mekong River. Lunch at local restaurant. Then return to visit the city of Saigon. Time is gold and silver, we know that you do not have much time to visit many places. Therefore, Saigon Top Tours has created an outstanding tour program to explore and experience a hidden and unforgettable day with you. 
    Best price $ 65.00
    Best price $ 70.00
    Cai Be Floating Market (note that the floating market today is no longer as busy as the past. This trip is mostly visit the educational lifestyle of the local people of the Mekong river) is one of the famous traditional floating markets on the river of western people. In the past, the transportation was not convenient and there were not many buses, trucks, so the people in the west had to use ships, boats and row-ing boats to transport goods, trade, and exchange goods on the river. Therefore Cai Be floating market plays an important role and attracts many traders here to exchange on the river. One day tour to explore Cai Be floating market on the river by boat is very attractive.
    Best price $ 50.00
    Best price $ 55.00
  • One day tour of "Ben Tre - Land of Coconut" boat on the Mekong River to explore the life, wild hamlet villages. Rowing boat in the narrow canal, visiting the tropical fruit garden, the Tuck Tuck adventure, visiting the coconut candy workshop, honey tea tastes and enjoying local lunch then back to Saigon city. Book a tour with Saigon Top Tours to experience the countryside tour beyond expectations. Pick up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends.
    Best price $ 69.00
    Best price $ 73.00
  • Coconut Land of Ben Tre and Mang Cruise Tour - Ben Tre Kingdom of Coconut - The boat will be along the canal with rows of green coconut leaves and fresh fruits with fresh air to explore the rustic simple life of the village in the countryside land of coconut. It is often said that "Haven't gone yet, haven’t known Ben Tre yet, then we know all boats and coconuts". Enjoy a wonderful one-day tour of the coconut land with Saigon Top Tours to truly feel the wild and simple life of a rural life with dense canals, orchards and rich food village.
    Best price $ 105.00
    Best price $ 117.00
  • Dong Tam snake farm of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam is the largest snake farm in Vietnam. Dong Tam Snake Farm is under the management of Military Region 9, which is a place to raise snakes to get poison to research and make medicines to save people. One day Mekong Delta tour with Saigon Top Tours visit and explore Dong Tam snake farm and sightseeing boat on the Mekong River and enjoy the local food in the Mekong River. The program picks you up and returns you to the hotel on the same day.
    Best price $ 58.00
    Best price $ 69.00
  • Cai Lay - Mekong Delta Fruit Land - Mekong Delta Roam Tour - Top one-day Mekong Delta tour program exploring the wilderness of the countryside of the Mekong River with Saigon Top Tours Take a boat on the river, cycle deep into the village road to explore the daily life and culture of local people, visit the orchard, experience row-ing boat, chat with friendly and hospitable local people and have lunch with local food at the people's house then return to Ho Chi Minh city to end the tour.
    Best price $ 69.00



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