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Ho Chi Minh City Top Tour One Day

  • One day tour with Saigon Top Tours explores the most highlights points of Ho Chi Minh City such as: Saigon City Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, China Town, Ben Thanh Market, City Theater and City Hall in Ho Chi Minh City.
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  • SG009
    Monkey Island Can Gio Tour is one of the most fascinating tours in Saigon. Visit thousands of monkeys living in the wild, hundreds of crocodiles living in the crocodile farm, canoeing to the historical site of Can Gio, visiting Can Gio beach, salt fields, whale bone temple and Enjoy local food. Just one day monkey island tour with Saigon Top Tours will surely bring you an impressive and unforgettable sightseeing trip from Saigon.
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  • Just one day group tour with Saigon Top Tours, you will be able to visit the 250km long Cu Chi tunnel system with three levels dug by VC since 1948. Learn about Vietnam's history, get into the tunnels to see the meeting rooms, hospital, kitchen and ventilation system… enjoy boiled tapioca, especially shooting AK47; M16; M60….
    Then have lunch at a local restaurant and continue to explore the Mekong River, take a boat to visit dragon islands, phoenix island, turtle island and unicorn island. Watch coconut candy making, drink honey tea, listen to don ca tai tu music, drink fresh coconut water and take a rowing boat ride along the beautiful narrow canal.
    The one-day program costs only 65 USD person including entrance ticket, boat, lunch, coconut water, mineral water and pick you up at the hotel and take you back after the end of the tour.
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  • Saigon Departure daily popular private tour and group tour - One-day tour combining top-notch to discover the history of Cu Chi tunnels with a length of 250 km and boat trip to explore the Mekong river to learn about life and enjoy local food at local restaurant with Saigon Top Tours. Let's join the tour program with Saigon Top Tours to make unforgettable moments when coming to Vietnam.
    BEST DAILY GROUP TOUR lick here to book with us
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  • Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh city one day tour to explore the Mekong River, experience rural life and learn about the special features and outstanding culture of Ho Chi Minh City with Saigon Top Tours. The tour itinerary combines a day with two outstanding attractions. Morning visit to the countryside of Mekong River. Lunch at local restaurant. Then return to visit the city of Saigon. Time is gold and silver, we know that you do not have much time to visit many places. Therefore, Saigon Top Tours has created an outstanding tour program to explore and experience a hidden and unforgettable day with you. 
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  • One-day Top Cu Chi Historic Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City tour with Saigon Top Tours to explore two historical highlights of Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City. Attractive tour program, the tour guide and driver of Saigon Top Tours pick up and drop you back to the hotel after finishing the one day tour tour of Cu Chi Tunnels and Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi Tunnels are also called steel lands, located northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi Tunnels are 58 km from Tan Son Nhat Airport and 65 km from the center of Saigon City. 
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  • Ho Chi Minh City Tour Full Day - One day tour exploring the crowded, bustling and hustling city with Saigon's history is extremely attractive. Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon City is the most populous city in Vietnam. Before 1975 it was called Saigon City and after April 30, 1975 after Vietnam ended the war and unified the country, it was officially renamed from Saigon City to Ho Chi Minh City on July 2, 1976. Attractive and unique one-day tour program with Saigon Top Tours exploring the entire Ho Chi Minh city. 
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  • 201910
    The Cao Dai religion was established in 1926, combined with many different religions such as Catholicism and Buddhism to become a unique Cao Dai religion in the south of Vietnam.With Saigon Top Tours only one day tour with local lunch to visit two attractive highlights. Learn about the history of Cu Chi tunnels, crawl into the narrow tunnels deep in the ground, this place was very famous during the Vietnam War.
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  • 001939
    Top Footprints Ho Chi Minh City full day tour - The history of Gia Dinh citadel is always mentioned, the name Saigon is always familiar with the people of Vietnam in particular and international tourists in general. Saigon with a history of over 300 years from 1698 up to now. Saigon was once known as "the Pearl of the Far East" of southern Vietnam. One day tour with Saigon Top Tours to learn about Saigon's history was wonderful. The name Saigon still remains in the hearts of people in Saigon. Despite the many ups and downs of history and the name change from Saigon City to Ho Chi Minh City.
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  • Conquering Black Lady mountain and the unique Cao Dai religion in southern Vietnam. One day tour with Saigon Top Tours conquers the highest mountain in southern Vietnam with the height of 986 m in Tay Ninh province by cable car and discovers the unique Cao Dai religion in southern Vietnam. Enjoy a delicious Vietnamese food at a local restaurant and then return to Ho Chi Minh City. The program picks you up at the hotel, including lunch and returns you to the hotel after finishing the program to conquer the highest mountain in southern Vietnam tour.
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  • Ho Chi Minh City Landmark Tour - China Town Landmark - An amazing day tour around Ho Chi Minh City's most outstanding attractions and Chinatown in District 5 with Saigon Top Tours. Combining the cultural history, religion and everyday popular activities of the people of Ho Chi Minh City. With a day of discovery tour from the center to the Chinese area, there are hidden impressions that will never be forgotten with the beloved Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon city.
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  • Cu Chi Tunnles and Mekong River Cruise combine a day tour with Saigon Top Tours to visit two interesting and fascinating destinations, you are interested in a meaningful and impressive vacation that is to explore Cu Chi tunnels deep in the ground, master history of Vietnam. Cruise on the Mekong River to explore the beautiful Mekong River, enjoying local food. Pick up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends. One day tour itinerary with Saigon Top Tours you can visit 2 outstanding and attractive attractions. 
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  • One day tour with Vung Tau beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, conquering the top of Tao Phung mountain, swimming and enjoying great seafood. Vung Tau city is a coastal city, with 42 km of beautiful coastline and two majestic mountains which are Tuong Ky big mountain and small mountain called Tao Phung mountain with the statue of Jesus stretching arms and beautiful Lighthouse 18m high, 30 m nautical mile. With a history of over 100 years old. 
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  • 201009
    Long Tan Tunnels - Dat Mountain Tour, one day tour visiting the old battle field "monument of war" in the Long Tan tunnels and Dat mountain to remember the old stories during the Vietnam war. The presence of the Australian military was an ally of the US that was involved in the Vietnam War. Long Tan tunnels and Dat mountain area in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province are where the Australian army is based and the fierce battle between the Australian and the liberation army of northern Vietnam
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