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  • Half day historic Cu Chi Tunnels tour from Ho Chi Minh City with Saigon Top Tours, you will be discovered inside hundreds of meters of Cu Chi tunnels, master the history of Cu Chi tunnels, enjoy boiled cassava with roasted peanuts and if you want to try your hand to shoot Ak 47, M30, M16, M60. The top Cu Chi Tunnels Historical Tour explores the 200km-long tunnels that were dug during the Indochina War and the Vietnam War. You will be crawling into the small and narrow tunnels. Book tour with Saigon Top Tours to feel the outstanding history. 
  • With Saigon Top Tours, just a half day to visit Saigon City knowing all the architecture, culture, history, customs, daily activities and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Morning or afternoon tour program, pick you up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends. Book tour with Saigon Top Tours to enjoy a half day tour of Saigon city knowing all. Saigon City was founded in 1698 by Nguyen Huu Canh. From 1698 up to now, Saigon city has a history of more than 300 hundred years.
  • Dinner on Cruise, watching Water Puppet Show, "Cyclo" tricycle ride and Healthy Massage. Discovering Saigon city at night is very attractive and comfortable. Saigon Top Tours created this tour for you to enjoy and combine the arts, relax and explore Saigon city at night. The itineray starts picking you up at your hotel lobby at 16:30. Watch Water Puppet Show, Go Cyclo, have a Healthy Massage and then enjoy Dinner on Cruise. You can enjoy contemplating the city of Saigon at night on the Cruise. 
  • Ho Chi Minh City Tour Full Day - One day tour exploring the crowded, bustling and hustling city with Saigon's history is extremely attractive. Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon City is the most populous city in Vietnam. Before 1975 it was called Saigon City and after April 30, 1975 after Vietnam ended the war and unified the country, it was officially renamed from Saigon City to Ho Chi Minh City on July 2, 1976. Attractive and unique one-day tour program with Saigon Top Tours exploring the entire Ho Chi Minh city. 
    Cai Be Floating Market is one of the famous traditional floating markets on the river of western people. In the past, the transportation was not convenient and there were not many buses, trucks, so the people in the west had to use ships, boats and row-ing boats to transport goods, trade, and exchange goods on the river. Therefore Cai Be floating market plays an important role and attracts many traders here to exchange on the river. One day tour to explore Cai Be floating market on the river by boat is very attractive.
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    The Cao Dai religion was established in 1926, combined with many different religions such as Catholicism and Buddhism to become a unique Cao Dai religion in the south of Vietnam.With Saigon Top Tours only one day tour with local lunch to visit two attractive highlights. Learn about the history of Cu Chi tunnels, crawl into the narrow tunnels deep in the ground, this place was very famous during the Vietnam War.
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    Top Footprints Ho Chi Minh City full day tour - The history of Gia Dinh citadel is always mentioned, the name Saigon is always familiar with the people of Vietnam in particular and international tourists in general. Saigon with a history of over 300 years from 1698 up to now. Saigon was once known as "the Pearl of the Far East" of southern Vietnam. One day tour with Saigon Top Tours to learn about Saigon's history was wonderful. The name Saigon still remains in the hearts of people in Saigon. Despite the many ups and downs of history and the name change from Saigon City to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Itinerary of rural experience tours of Can Tho city and visit Cai Rang floating market. The largest floating market in the southwest of Vietnam. Cai Rang Floating Market is a long-standing traditional floating market of Mekong people. It was formed a long time ago. Because in the past, when vehicles such as trucks, containers, cars were not many and especially roads were not developed in Vietnam. 
  • Explore the Mekong River 3 days 2 nights with Saigon Top Tours. From Ho Chi Minh City to visit the top highlights of the river countryside such as boat trip to Cai Be floating market to Vinh Long, visit the largest Cai Rang floating market of Vietnam, Long Xuyen crocodile farm with thousands of crocodiles are raised here. Visit the floating fish farming village on the river and Champa village in Chau Doc city, spend the night in Chau Doc on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. 
  • One day tour of "Ben Tre - Land of Coconut" boat on the Mekong River to explore the life, wild hamlet villages. Rowing boat in the narrow canal, visiting the tropical fruit garden, the Tuck Tuck adventure, visiting the coconut candy workshop, honey tea tastes and enjoying local lunch then back to Saigon city. Book a tour with Saigon Top Tours to experience the countryside tour beyond expectations. Pick up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends.

  • Best Mekong Delta Cruise and Vinh Trang Ancient pagoda since 1849 tour - Only one day Mekong Delta tour with Saigon Top Tours you will enjoy an unforgettable day tour. Visit Vinh Trang ancient pagoda, built 1849 with tower and many beautiful Buddha statues, take a boat on the Mekong river to visit small islands to explore the cultural life and customs of the people in the countryside. horse backcarriage, rowing boat, beekeeping garden and taste the honey tea, tropical fruit garden and enjoy rural food lunch then back to Saigon city. Pick up and return you to the hotel after the tour ends.

  • Coconut Land of Ben Tre and Cruise Tour - Ben Tre Kingdom of Coconut - The boat will be along the canal with rows of green coconut leaves and fresh fruits with fresh air to explore the rustic simple life of the village in the countryside land of coconut. It is often said that "Haven't gone yet, haven’t known Ben Tre yet, then we know all boats and coconuts". Enjoy a wonderful one-day tour of the coconut land with Saigon Top Tours to truly feel the wild and simple life of a rural life with dense canals, orchards and rich food village.
  • Katina Street - (16th Street - Katinat Street - Liberty Steet - Now Dong Khoi Street) -Top walking tour in downtown Saigon to know the deep history of a city with over 300 years from 1698 up to now. Over the years of history, the name of Saigon is still mentioned forever in the hearts of Vietnamese people. Top walking tour of Saigon city, along a familiar street with the oldest historical heritage in Ho Chi Minh city. With fascinating old stories such as "Miss Saigon by Claude - Michel Schinberg and Alain Boublil", "Good Morning Vietnam Movie - American actor Robin Williams", "The Quiet American by British author Graham Greene"...
  • Experience the top 3 days 2 nights Mekong River tour to explore Cai Be floating market, Cai Rang floating market, cycling, cooking and going to Phu Quoc Island by hydrofoil boat. Among 4 thousand large and small islands of Vietnam. Phu Quoc has 22 islands and islets, Phu Quoc Island is the largest island of Vietnam. Known as the Pearl Island of Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc Island is located in Kien Giang province, 120km from Ranh Gia city and 45km from Ha Tien.
  • Dong Tam snake farm of the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam is the largest snake farm in Vietnam. Dong Tam Snake Farm is under the management of Military Region 9, which is a place to raise snakes to get poison to research and make medicines to save people. One day Mekong Delta tour with Saigon Top Tours visit and explore Dong Tam snake farm and sightseeing boat on the Mekong River and enjoy the local food in the Mekong River. The program picks you up and returns you to the hotel on the same day.
  • Miss Saigon tour program or Miss Ho Chi Minh city for half a day tour with Saigon Top Tours is very attractive. Miss of Saigon food, the people of Saigon, Saigon attractive places, Saigon souvenirs, Saigon coffee, beer Saigon, Saigon motorcycle, Saigon motorbike horn, Saigon street vendors, street food and drink...especially the memories at Saigon and old stories like Miss Saigon story and normal life stories in Saigon city.
  • Experience the top tour 2 days 1 night in Homestay with Saigon Top Tours. The simple peaceful life of the countryside is having houses, gardens, chickens, ducks, dogs and canals. You will enjoy cooking, cycling around the village, rowing boat and watching Cai Be and Cai Rang floating market. A wonderful homestay tour experience in the countryside that is different from a bustling city of people and noisy traffic. Tour program pick up and drop you off at the hotel after the tour ends.
  • 5 hours tour to experience and relax 3 top special services of Saigon night with Saigon Top Tours. Experience the tour program by cyclo, relax massage and cruise to enjoy dinner on the Saigon River. How cozy and wonderful it is to experience a cyclo tour, relaxing massage and cruise to enjoy authentic Vietnamese dishes on the Saigon River as the city lights up with Saigon Top Tours. 
  • The half-day tour program takes pictures of Buu Long pagoda, captures the beautiful scenery of the city from the banks of the Saigon River, visits and takes pictures beautiful views of Thu Thiem ancient church and the tallest building in Vietnam. Pick you up at the hotel and take you back to the hotel after the tour is finished with beautiful photos. The vacation is wonderful and meaningful when you are free to roam and take pictures with beautiful spatial views with many memories. 
  • Street vendors - colorful lives, each with a unique personality, no one like anyone else. Everyone has their own lifestyle, style, education, rich and poor. The street vendors are also people with different backgrounds, just like they sell different items such as bread, cake, sticky rice, tea, tofu, pho, banh canh, mixed rice paper, crab soup and the coffee....They also have a private life, their families and children. Street vendors do not distinguish between rural people or city people. 
  • Conquering Black Lady mountain and the unique Cao Dai religion in southern Vietnam. One day tour with Saigon Top Tours conquers the highest mountain in southern Vietnam with the height of 986 m in Tay Ninh province by cable car and discovers the unique Cao Dai religion in southern Vietnam. Enjoy a delicious Vietnamese food at a local restaurant and then return to Ho Chi Minh City. The program picks you up at the hotel, including lunch and returns you to the hotel after finishing the program to conquer the highest mountain in southern Vietnam tour.
  • Good Morning Saigon is a special type of tour of Saigon Top Tours. Good Morning Saigon, you will experience a 3-wheeled cyclo along the beautiful and tranquil streets of the morning before busy traffic. Experience the cyclo tour with the main vehicle of Saigon 50 years ago. 4 hours of cyclo tour around Saigon city you can just sit and relax on a 3-wheeled cyclo, take pictures, and take in the beautiful views of Ho Chi Minh City under familiar, shady streets beautiful and poetic tamarind trees.
  • Discover Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels and the southwestern countryside of the Mekong River such as Cai Be floating market, Cai Rang floating market of Can Tho city, Long Xuyen crocodile farm, Tra Su bird forest, Cham village of Chau Doc city, Tram Chim 6 days 5 nights. Break the southern part of Vietnam with Saigon Top Tours with the most outstanding attractions.
  • Half-day morning or afternoon cyclo tour explore the alley city and the fascinating city of Saigon. Tour cyclo a great experience to remember Saigon's Cyclo memories. A unique 4-hour tour with Saigon Top Tours to experience a 3-wheel cylo to remember the main means of transportation of Saigon people 50 years ago from the 1960s. Before 1954, the cyclo was the main means of transportation for the upper and French in Saigon.
  • Saigon Religion Footprint Tour program is particularly attractive for the same but different. The same is to find filial piety and visit the same religions in Saigon and the religions of the same direction people go to the good, right, towards the truth and beauty. The difference is that each religion has its own unique character and way of worshiping. Saigon Religion Footprint Tour program is only 5 hours, you will join Saigon Top Tours to explore churches, temples and pagodas of different religions in Ho Chi Minh city.
  • Saigon Zoo Tour - Saigon Botanical Garden Tour - Top special half-day tour to visit Saigon Historical Museum, Saigon Botanical Garden, Jade Emperor Pagoda, Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral and Saigon Central Post Office. Just half a day on top tour with Saigon Top Tours to discover Saigon's historic values through attractions like the city's oldest botanical garden, learn about Vietnam's cultural history through Saigon's long history museum visit the beautiful Jade Emperor pagoda to burn incense to pray for good health, peace and happiness. 
  • Tucked behind Ho Chi Minh City’s concrete jungle of high-rises, apartments, hotels, and commercial centers are the arteries and lifeblood of this frenetic metropolis — its network of alleys and lanes that each in its own way is a fascinating tableau of life behind the scenes of modern Saigon. Join Saigon Top Tours to explore the unique alleys of Saigon city. Explore daily activities in the small alleys of Saigon to understand the daily life of local people.
  • This top Vietnam charity tour does not go directly to schools, hospitals, pagodas or churches, but we go directly to random places where poor children or the poor live. For example, the alleys, the surburds or outskirts, the regions, hamlets, villages, countryside ...In any country, any ethnic group, any region and any society have rich people, the poor, the happy, the unhappy, the healthy and the sick ...
  •  Let's join Saigon Top Tours to explore the small alleys behind the modernity. You will be amazed with an attractive half-day tour to explore Ho Chi Minh City with small, narrow alleys and popular activities of the city people. Behind the modernity of Saigon city like many high-rise buildings, apartments, hotels, high-rise commercial centers everywhere. So where do you want to explore the long-standing traditional features of the city people behind the modernity.
  • Massage helps increase blood circulation, reduce muscle tension. Reducing blood pressure in people with hypertension, relaxing and increasing the amount of Endorphins in the body, while increasing the ability to eliminate lactic acid, uric acid out as well as reduce stress, make deeper sleep. Overview of massage profession. The name of massage was mentioned in 430 BC in Greece. There are also mention in Vietnam, in the past, our ancestors knew how to use medicinal herbs, heat packs to treat diseases and protect health.
  • Vespa morning or afternoon Saigon city tour, only half a day tour experience exploring the alleys of Ho Chi Minh city also known as Saigon city by Vespa is wonderful. Tour explore bustling alleys of Saigon city with Saigon Top Tours. If people say that New York City of America was named as the city that never sleeps, Saigon city is also called the same. Saigon is the most populous city of Vietnam with a population of 14 million and with 7 million motorbikes. A dynamic, busy city in all aspects, a civilized, clean and friendly city. 
  • Can Gio district is located in the southeast of Ho Chi Minh City and about 50 km from the city. Explore mangrove forests, with a total area of about 75,740 hectares of mangroves and the overall convergence of animals, plants and birds.  Especially, there are about 2 thousand monkeys living here. A one-day tour of the suburbs of the city to see mischievous monkeys, take a speedboat to visit the jungle, fish crocodiles and get a glimpse of the sea. Pick you up and return to the hotel after the tour is finished.
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